A review of ‘Don’t Say A Word’ the latest episode of Bull

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A review of ‘Don’t Say A Word’ the latest episode of Bull

It’s not often that I re-watch a series – I’m too busy with work and family for a start! But True Detective was so awesome the first time around I just had to watch the whole thing again.

Anyone out there a fan of Bull? If you’re anything like me you’ll love it. I was sold on Bull from the get go – it’s got the awesome Michael Weatherly in it for one thing, who fans of NCIS will know is just an insanely good actor. His character, Tony DiNozzo, was a tough man to love in NCIS, but I’m stoked to hear he could be on his way back for season 17 of that show too.


But back to Bull, Season 3. For those of you who don’t know, Weatherly plays Jason Bull, a psychologist and trial science expert who runs a company that helps to choose jurors. If that sounds dull, trust me it isn’t: it’s totally gripping. I’ve got to give the writers props for taking what could be a super dry subject and making it into great TV. This latest episode is called ‘Don’t Say a Word’ and sees our man Bull getting wrapped up in a complex custody case.


There’s a suspected murderer, battling families and a serious conflict of interest for Bull as one of his ex-lover (and colleague) Diana’s clients is involved. Spoiler alert: things get messy – but Taylor saves the day thanks to her previously unknown super power (ok, it’s just lip reading – but she kills it and totally sorts the whole situation out in the end).


Only four more episodes of this season left but I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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